Creative Exercise #1: Smartphone Stroll

street photography

I recently came across a book of 52 exercises for creative photography and decided to try them out. Number 1 is called a “Smartphone Stroll.” Leave the DSLR or point and shoot camera at home, take your smartphone and set the timer for 1 minute. Go on a walk, at least 15 minutes, 20-30 is better. Every time the timer goes off, take a picture. Don’t think about composing the picture, just find something wherever you are when the timer sounds and take a picture. The idea is to help you understand yourself. Is there a theme in the pictures? Are they taken from the same vantage point? Within the length of the stroll, did a story develop? Study the pictures you took but don’t edit. What do you like? What could be better?

Yesterday I strolled around the grounds at Logan High and got these.

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