Cold, wet, muddy — perfect day to shoot


Saturday in mid-May evokes springtime images of green grass, flowers blooming, blue skies and warm temperatures. That’s what the 2800+ registered participants in the South Jordan Terrain Race were expecting at 8:00 a.m. when the first wave was to start this 5k obstacle race, clambering up cargo nets, splashing into a mud pit, crawling through barrels and otherwise getting dirty. Instead they got 40 degree temps, wind, rain, clouds and even a bit of hail. Everyone agreed the hail made the race special.

I was there from 7:30 until 3:00, taking pictures of each racer as he or she crossed the finish line. Mostly there were smiles, a few chattering teeth and lots of mud and water. The folks at Angry Monkey did a great job hosting this.

First place

Kiss cam

Waiting for my partner

Even ballerinas get dirty

The Photo Shoot


We recently took a trip to southern California. Of course we went to the beach. It was a little cool, so there weren’t hordes of people. There was one group that was having a photo shoot. It looked like a family shoot without a professional photographer, but it was definitely a planned shoot. So I did a photo shoot of the photo shoot. Here are some of the pictures.



Street Photography

street photography

I’ve had this website for a few years, posting only pictures to pages. I decided it was time to start blogging about photography.

I’ve bounced around quite a bit in trying to decide what type of photography I want to do. After a couple of years I know I don’t want to do portraits or fashion/glamour except occasionally. I prefer the more gritty work that is called street photography. Street photography is a photographic genre that attempts to capture life as it happens, good or bad. One of the best definitions is in this blog post by Eric Kim.

Many of the iconic photographs that everyone knows are examples of street photography. These include Migrant Mother by Dorothea Lange; the Afghan girl from the cover of National Geographic; and the napalm girl from the cover of Time Magazine.

There’s a story behind every street photograph. Some stories are monumental, like the stories behind these three shots. Some are not. But the story is as important as the photo.

Afghan girl. Photographer Steve McCurry



Photographer Dorothea Lange